Changing in Concentrate Packaging

Hello family and friends, spring is here and with it change! The only constant we face in life is change. Over here in the cannabis regulations land we are always being asked to improve and present a better offering. The syringes we’ve used for the past 2015 are no longer available to us. After much conversation and research we have chosen this higher quality syringe. FBTT is please to cut down on the garbage we make as people. We always want to lessen our footprint on our planet.

Our previous single gram syringe

Our new single gram syringes are now made of glass instead of plastic and can be washed and reused. Yes they are smaller in height, however the same about of medicine is in there.  Compact and light it will be easier for you to travel with your medicine.

We will be integrating them into our product line over the next few months. Please don’t be alarmed if you receive a mix of plastic and glass for a few weeks as the transition happens. If you have any question about them or are a little befuddled by their design, we are happy to help you.  You are welcome to email us or call between 10am-4pm PST 858-609-9829 One of us will be happy to assist you. Thank you for choosing Firebird Touch Therapy It is a sincere pleasure to grow with all of you. We appreciate each and everyone of you.

Our new single gram syringe, empty

Our new single gram syringe, filled

Thank you choosing Firebird Touch Therapy

Contact us 858.609.9829 Lakeside, CA

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