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Cannabis Sativa and her friend Indica Here's a little look see at our present trending strains Always outdoors and always organic

As providers of medicine that is extracted from the beautiful buds of cannabis, we do everything we can to assure that only the highest quality flower is used in the making of our products as well as available for your use as well. Our connection and relationships to our growers of the flower are incredibly important to us as they are our family and extended family members. We thought we had lost one of our most amazing farms to the resent fires in Northern California, Trinity Roots is a very special grow to us. The master grower creates all of his own genetics. The strains we get from Trinity are some of your favorites, the ones you call about. Because it is a small family farm we only get what we get~ what we have will not last long and the mother load has been used to process our high quality FECO. As always you will have the choice of ordering Indica or Sativa dominate NOT the strain specifically, even if you ask for it. We apologize but we just don't know what will be available the day you order. Please take this opportunity to enjoy this very exclusive harvest just for the Firebird Touch Therapy family.

Kite Lightning (sativa): A great daytime strain, Kite Lightning is a delicious rare find that promises an uplifting body high. Kite Lightning is a padded punch that you can use during the day and not feel the TKO after a single hit. A piney, sweet treat, Kite Lightning is a gentle gust of wind guaranteed to help lift, fly, and land an energized and focused mood.

Dark Purple Cherry (sativa): Although dark in color, this strain effects is far from it’s indica sisters. This particular strain is great to enjoy moderately midway through your day and help you end on an earthy and pungent positive note. Dark Purple Cherry will ease your physical woes and help you off your sore toes.

Gelato (indica): This indica variety of this strain is a sweet tasting, purple and red, powerhouse. Gelato covers and tucks in your mind, body, and soul in a sweet amoura of euphoria and relaxation. The best way to enjoy this strain is at the end of your day with nothing else to do. Sweet dreams!

Family Secret (indica): The perfect goodnight kiss after a long and stressful day, Family Secret lets you know it’s no secret how amazingthis strain is. With it’s relaxed, focused, euphoric effect, this strain is great for physical and mental ailments. The sweet and earthy taste of this strain will have you under it’s nighttime spell in no time.

We sincerely hope you enjoy these strains. Our farmers as we said are our family, we are blessed to be a business that knows from seed to sale who has touched it.

You can find these green gems at our store . They won't last long and there won't be any more until the springs.

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