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Our Mission

To provide you with the education, resources and healing for you to prosper and live your best life. Book a consultation for tailor-made advice and tools for you to heal. 

Our Specialties

  • Holistic Health 

  • Cancer Combating

  • Neuropathy

  • CranioSacral Therapy

  • Alternative medicine for life-threatening diseases

  • Herbalism

  • Health Education

  • Bodywork

  • Lupus

  • Neurological Disorders

  • And so much more! 

Robin Swan

Our Experts

Robin Swan is a pioneer in the medical cannabis field, who has created CBD medicine since 2013 and worked with the full cannabis plant panel since 1996. Through her work, she birthed Firebird Touch Therapy. 

With over 30 years of experience as a holistic health practitioner, North American herbalist, and metaphysical minister, her focus is on whole-body integration. Robin has been a leader in the field of soft tissue repair creating modalities that focus on spinal cord injury and traumatic brain damage. Her herbal products have provided relief from chronic pain,  alleviating the need for pharmaceutical drugs for many.

Her philosophy is “Love all ~ Serve All”. Robin’s holistic health approach is to bring the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental facets of the body into a balanced state of being for a joy-filled, pain-free life. She is committed to the principles of faith, hope, charity, and love in her work.


Working with Robin one-on-one will give you the strength, guidance, information, and skills you need to make educated and informed decisions regarding these very important choices for your life. She will help you in identifying what is really making you ill and how to correct it. Her mind-body-spirit approach is based on the integration of self.  Finding out what drives us to happiness and wellness is key, as is finding out what is holding us back. Robin focuses on both.


Beyond just health guidance, Robin also brings 30 plus years of entrepreneurial experience in the fitness, wellness and cannabis industry. She has taken multiple products to market in a variety of industries. Her vast experience and knowledge in how to “get’er done” is unmatched and she is available for business consultations for advice on how to get your idea out into the world. She can lead you up and over your obstacles, bring the light of understanding to your darkest corners as well as offer up lots of solutions to your “big ass’ problems.


If you are ready to take the leap, give up your story of failure, defeat, and fear, Robin’s honest and unmerciful approach will help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently with a great amount of joy, fulfillment, and fun!  Those choosing to work with Robin will receive not only her vast amount of knowledge but an unmatched opened hearted approach to healing in all five aspects of self.

Heather Duro

Heather is a clinical herbalist, traditional naturopath and Upledger trained Cranio Sacral Therapy practitioner,  but mostly she is simply, a healer. She provides education, guidance, recommendation and therapies using cannabinoids and other natural methods to increase the endogenous cannabinoid activity in the body to relieve symptoms and create homeostasis in the body.  The cannabis plant is the closest thing on this planet to a panacea and all can benefit from cannabanoid therapy.

She is focused on treating the mind, body and spirit with natural methods, herbs, nutrition, health education to foster healing and relief from disease, disorders and discomfort.  She creates herbal tea blends as well as tincture herbs, barks and roots based on moon phases.

She specializes in using what nature has provided to offer the body the nutrition, emotion and energy to heal from within, changing lifestyles to change lives.  She works with flower essences, tuning forks, crystals, Reiki and PEMF therapies for true holistic healing. She is certified through HPWWC to provide and offer, Homeoprophylaxis (HP) which is a method of disease prevention that is safe, natural, 100% non-toxic.  In her spare time, she teaches yoga, mindfulness, and meditation to children.

She offers health consultations which go further in-depth into your overall health and may include, reviewing lab results within functional ranges, iridology, tongue and nail readings, metabolic and neurotransmitter assessments address specific health concerns and prepare a specific protocol to get you on your way to achieving the wealth that is your health

Nisca Warthen

Nisca’s interest in natural and alternative health care began when her physician sent her to a local yoga class in 1974. She quickly realized that the body/mind holds many answers in our quest for wellness. This understanding began a lifelong interest in the field of alternative healing and energy work.


In the late ‘90’s, Nisca began working in the field of health and wellness as a Certified Yoga Teacher, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, and eventually adding Thai Yoga Massage.


In 2007, she discovered for herself how effective BodyTalk is. Simply put, the BodyTalk System can provide a door to the innate healing that dwells within each of us and this innate ability can be accessed energetically through the breath, specific tapping techniques and awareness. Nisca understood immediately that BodyTalk addressed the root of imbalance, releasing old patterns and then enhancing the body/mind's own natural healing abilities. This led her to become a certified BodyTalk Practitioner.


Other certifications and trainings include:  The SaeUn Method of Energy Balancing, Maniken Myologik Human Anatomy, Homeopathy, Alexander Technique, and advanced studies in Addiction, Trauma and PTSD recovery with advanced Yoga teachers from several traditions. 

Nisca also enjoyed eight years offering support for a natural healthy lifestyle to subscribers of a large health newsletter business which provided advice from alternative medicine doctors.  This exposure to alternative medical doctors and practices expanded her understanding of the “holistic” nature of healing.

Additionally, Nisca has worked with horses and taught riders since her teens. This close relationship with one of Mother Nature’s best creations, the horse, has taught her much about life and freedom.