Testimonial: Female

"A child who has seen a lot of struggle this year with a severe concussion, another, milder concussion, being taken out of school and some personal issues within to boot. He developed shingles even though he was vaccinated for chicken pox and never had the actual outbreak. However, given the amount of stress his poor little body has been under, his immune system gave up and here we are. My girl Robin had already sent a little care package for his healing that I had set back out of the way to use when I had more time to focus on it. A post of mine on Facebook had her sending me a friendly reminder to USE the gifts. This is SHINGLES people, unbearably painful, long lasting and flat miserable. Fire Kitty is magical."

Testimonial: Female, 59 Years Old

“In October of 2013 I had a serious flare up of Lyme. I have had it for the last seven years but the symptoms were not so pronounced. I had very serious bilateral pain in my shoulders, wrists and knees.  I contacted Robin of Firebird Touch Therapy, and she got back to me right away. She sent the cannabis oil quickly. It really helped with the pain. I am very grateful to Robin.  She is a very kind and compassionate person.” 

Testimonial: Female

“I was Diagnosed eight years ago with anal squamous cell carcinoma,  was given chemotherapy and radiotherapy and told by the doctor that this cancer would not come back. I had checkups on a regular basis and was given the all clear each time,  a few years later and still having regular checkups when I started having excruciating pain in the right shoulder. I was admitted to a private hospital, after scans it was revealed I had a massive tumor that had been growing in my liver for years, it was touch and go it took another month till they had me sorted and operated removing 85 per cent of my liver, wow got over that after a year or so, major surgery ,then the cancer started coming back everywhere tumors in lungs stomach and back in liver. The hospital told me they could not cure me and gave me anywhere from 3 months to a couple of years to live.

After the shock wore off again for the third time I started researching and had all sorts of treatments acupuncture Chinese medicine, hyperthermia intravenous vitamin c, nothing worked. I stumbled across a website run from the cure by Rick Simpson, this was my savior, after 6 months on the oil my tumors in my last scan were breaking up, less dense and full of necrosis (dead cancer cells) I’m expecting my next scan to be completely cancer, will let you know the results when I get them, I feel fantastic ,my skin is fantastic too.

If I never stumbled across that website run from the cure and if Corrie Yelland did not step up to help me I would be dead now, I urge you all that have had success on this oil to reach out and help others to help spread the word, we no longer have to die, now the truth has been unleashed. Shame on our corrupt governments shame. Keeping this a secret, keeping yourself protected by silence is just  detrimental to us all , speak up. Alone we are one but together we are many. The service that I have received from fire bird touch therapy is nothing other than life saving.”

Testimonial: Female

“I was directed to Firebird Touch Therapy from somebody I knew I could trust. The care and information offered by Robin Swan is wonderful, especially when you most need a sympathetic listener and somebody whom you can trust with your fears.  I started on FTT’s oil, but found that my body was not as accepting to it as I would have liked, not because of the quality of the oil, which is undeniably good but because of  a number of other health issues that I’m dealing with -heart attack and a muscle illness. Annoyingly for me, this made taking the oil a bit more problematic than I would have liked. Robin advised me throughout and was very approachable, kind and sweet in all her replies and perspective of my situation, her advise is especially welcome at a time when there is so much conflicting opinions on what you should and shouldn’t do by mainstream health care.

You know that you are talking with somebody who cares about their patient when listening to Robin’s advise. Although I am not on the oil at the moment, as my cancer is very slow growing, once I get the other health issues sorted out, hopefully the oil and me can work together more harmoniously and kick the cancer thats lurking somewhere in the background. I feel confident that once that situation does come around and start rearing its ugly head, Robin will be my guiding angel back to health. Have nothing but admiration for the work she does.”

Testimonial: – Female triple negative breast cancer survivor, 52

“I love Firebird Touch Therapy. Some people are gifted healers and some people are just in it for the profits. Firebird is definitely in the first group. I’ve had amazing service and ongoing support. I also appreciate that everything they use to make their oil is food grade. I don’t want to put anything that’s been near petrochemicals/butane in my body. I have used oil in conjunction with mainstream therapy and I still use it in the hope of preventing recurrence. I highly recommend Firebird Touch Therapy as a professional, ethical company with a strong customer focus.”

Testimonial: Family

“Finding Firebird Touch Therapy was a huge blessing.  Our five year old dog, a Staffordshire Bull terrier named Tank, was diagnosed with stage four Lymphoma in June of 2013.  He had seen a regular Veterinarian and two Oncology Veterinarians as well as had a biopsy and ultrasound of his spleen to confirm his diagnosis.  We were devastated and as much as it went against our beliefs of natural and holistic healing we started chemotherapy.  Three treatments into his scheduled nineteen treatments, Tank started to feel worse, the light in his eyes was gone and now had even more enlarged lymph nodes than before.  We made the difficult decision to discontinue his conventional treatments and let him live his life out naturally and as comfortable as possible. 

At the time of discontinuing his treatments, we were told that Tank had a maximum of 60 days to live and that was only if I gave him prednisone which, for many reasons, we chose not to do.  I spent hours and hours researching natural treatments and then someone recommended that I reach out to you for help.  Along with supplements, a clean diet, Yucca vs. prednisone, Reiki, essential oils and a great, stress free and loving home environment we use the oil that you have blended for Tank’s cancer.  Today 10/11/2014 Tank is alive, well and a happy, happy boy!  All of his lymph nodes with the exception of the original one (which is 1/8 it’s size when diagnosed) are completely normal!  I know without having found you and using the help that you have provided that we would not have Tank in our lives today.  We cannot thank you enough!  We want everyone to know that there is help and hope out there whether you are human or canine.”

Testimonial: Client

“I’m male, age 62, stage 4 lung cancer. Purchased oil back in May and have been using it ever since. Left lung is now clear, tumors in right lung are shrinking. Really helps with the pain and I am now starting to eat again. My advice? Steer clear of chemo, that will kill you, DON’T DO IT. Many, many thanks to Robin she is my angel from above. God bless!”

Testimonial: Client

“On the 19th December 2013 I was diagnosed with terminal, stage IV non-small cell adenocarcinoma lung cancer with a prognosis of 6 to 9 months. I am a 54 year old female that has never smoked.  As I was stage IV, the medical profession did not offer me chemo or radiation. After having a biopsy on the tumor in my lung it was discovered I had the rare EGFR mutation and I was placed on a targeted therapy tablet called Tarceva. However the doctors informed me that the drug would only stop the growth of the tumors and prolong my life by only months. A friend recommended Firebird Touch Therapy for my condition. I was able to start on this oil in February 2014. I had bi-monthly scans and each scan showed the tumors were getting smaller. We knew it was because of the oil, as the medication we were taking from mainstream pharmaceuticals were not capable of doing this.

On the 3rd September 2014, my PET scan showed a FULL METABOLIC RESPONSE. We are so grateful for this product, and words cannot begin to express how we feel. I believe this product from Firebird saved my life. This company was extremely helpful and efficient. We have no hesitation in recommending this plant base medicine. We are forever grateful.”

Testimonial: Client

“We believe this oil will cure any disease. We both will take this for the rest of our lives. My husband suffers with cardio myopathy, melanoma,chronic back pain, & been told the beginning of dementia. At 61 years old Ian has halved his dose of warfarin, tramadol & we pray your wonderful oil will help cure the dementia. Myself at 56 years old suffer Chronic lung disease & clinical depression. Robin is the very best at helping people heal, if it wasn’t for her, we don`t believe we would have a chance at living to an old age together & be healthy. You are wonderful, caring and we are very honored to have you in our life. Thank you with all our heart for sharing your miracle oil. We hope to stay on this for the rest of our lives.”

Testimonial: Doug

“I had 3  nodules on my lungs 2 small 1 bb size all gone that’s good news considering my history with cancer. I had a ct about 6 mo ago and then a follow up on the 23rd of oct. my lung Dr.was concerned when he seen the 1st ct 6 mo ago but now he says we don’t need a ct for a year. He had no comment on what i was doing, after all he is a Dr.”

Testimonial: Client

“We live in the Middle East and 2 years ago, my husband was told by a prominent Urologist and surgeon that he had stage T2A bladder cancer which was aggressive and that to survive, he would need to have Chemo, radiation and radical surgery to not only remove his bladder and prostate, but to remove his intestines and have a neo-bladder built from them so that he can pass urine. He was just 52 at the time. We had a second opinion in our own Country, which again gave us the same prognosis within the same month. What the Dr’s forgot to tell us was if he took this operation, the chances of him living longer than 4 years were very slim and also they refrained from telling us he would be incontinent for up to a year and also impotent at age 52.

Fear is a terrible thing and fear is ripe when we hear the word Cancer. The saying, “Frightened to death” is really what happens to the body once you believe there is only one way to treat this terrible disease. I hope that sharing our story might give the reader at least some hope that there is another way. Our belief system does not have to be locked we can open up our minds to think for ourselves, inform ourselves and learn not to just accept our “fate”.

We spoke again to the Urologist and told him we needed more time to research alternative treatments and modalities, and we would not take the Chemo just yet, we were already looking into different therapies, both of us are concerned with the quality of his life after surgery and both of us needed time to digest all of this dreadful news, the Oncologist and the Surgeon try to impress on us that we need to think very carefully about the surgery, the Surgeon had already got a date in his diary to proceed with removing his bladder, within the following 6 weeks…we felt like we were being railroaded into the surgery far too fast and we needed to slow it all down a little so we could have time to think for ourselves. Something was screaming at me to take some time before making this radical decision.

I began first researching this natural cancer cure in the form of Essiac, given its name by Rene Caisse (“Caisse” spelt backwards); this herbal cure consists of four main herbs that grow in the wilderness of Ontario, Canada. The original formula is believed to have its roots from the native Canadian Ojibwa Indians. The four main herbs that make up Essiac are Burdock Root, Slippery Elm Inner Bark, Sheep Sorrel and Indian Rhubarb Root. If you want to know more about Rene Caisse’s Immune System Theory in her own words. You can Google “Rene Caisse story’’ My husband started on this medicine within a week of him being diagnosed, Then we made an appointment with a naturopathic Dr and we asked for her help in co Doctoring my husband each step of the way as we try the alternative approach.

The Dr. did all of his blood tests to find out what he was lacking to make his immune system be so depleted and we found out he was almost completely depleted of vitamin D even though he lived in a hot and sunny climate. We put together a plan of action to continue to work with the conventional tests MRI and scans and also many vitamins and supplements and complete diet and lifestyle change. The conventional Dr’s gave my husband 18 months to 2 years to live if we did not do the surgery and the chemo. We did none of them, only natural healing with vitamins diet and lifestyle change and cannabis oil. I first saw the movie “ Run from the cure” in November 2011 but it took me until April of 2012 to find Firebird Touch therapy and our Angel Robin and of course (the oil) made with a natural food grade Alcohol.

It has been hard work for me as a carer and wife and I never stopped my research for 1 day in the last 24 months but today I can say 2 years after my husband’s first diagnosis he is cancer free and still has his bladder in tact. He has been cancer free now for the last five cystoscopies, so 1 year 3 months Cancer free this October 2014 he has no metastasis to other organs. He had an MRI in July ….We have every one of his medical records, every laser surgery to remove tumors has been recorded on Cd’s and we even have the biopsy slide with pieces of the tumors that were graded as being aggressive and muscle invasive. We still have to have regular check ups every three months but to think 27 months ago he was told he has 18 months to live if he did not remove his bladder etc.

I am so happy to also say as side effect of all we did, his cholesterol went back to normal as did his blood pressure, he looks ten to 15 years younger and feels so much better than he ever did and it is shocking that we are led to believe that there is no cure for Cancer, our story is living proof there is another way and I am now consumed with only getting the word out that Cancer does not need to mean death. We just lost 2 years of our lives to cancer and yet it has turned out to be the most important time of our life too, I found what I was put on the earth to do and that is to be part of something, as the world wakes up to there being another way and it is just through natural healing and giving our body just what it needs to repair itself!! I wrote a book called “Taking Control” by Alyssia Sade’ (my pseudonym) available on amazon. Robin very kindly wrote the foreword to the book. Thank you, than you, thank you. Firebird and Robin xx.”



"The improvements a client experience using the 1:1 tincture and the FECO oil for a mouth tumor! This drastic improvement is over the span of two weeks.

ch just wanna thank you so much from another continent. Ich had the chemotreatment for to year in germany, nothing helped me. Then spring 2018 i started your treatment and the good News 18 months later, the cancer is gone.... I hope that one day comes the understanding of the society, that we need it more than anytime before. God bless you Robin"

Testimonial, Husband & Wife:

"Just wanna thank Robin. We received our order and within the last year that my husband has been a true customer, his cancer seems to have disappeared. He was almost on his deathbed until this miracle concentrate. I look forward to spending many more years with him,after 48 yrs of marriage. Thank you so very much and may God Bless you Robin."

Testimonial, Male:

I purchased the Priority Blend Essential Oils in 2016, which was successful in clearing stage 4 cancer which had spread to my liver. 

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