New CBD Products for Our Fur Babies

You Asked and We've Delivered! Welcome Happy Dog Cannameds

I am very excited to introduce our new product for your fur babies, Happy Dog Cannameds. Happy Dog came about because of you, all of you who reached out to me and shared your stories about how you were treating your animals with our Baby Blend high-CBD FECO.

The more I listen to you tell me your stories the more I wanted to know, so I started to do some research. I found out that the endocannabinoid system is pretty much the same in all mammals. Our Baby Blend FECO was perfect, but we just had to work out the dosing for the dogs.

I reached out to holistic vets in my professional circles. They were all of the same mindset, 0.05 mg of CBD per dog pound is a great starting point. This is where our Cannameds dosing came from:

Small dog: 0.1 ml = 31 milligrams of cbd / 5-20lbs

Medium dog: 0.2 ml = 63 milligrams of cbd / 21-50lbs

Large dog: 0.4 ml = 126 milligrams of cbd / 51-100lbs

Ex Large dog: 0.5 ml = 157 milligrams of cbd / 100 plus lbs

Our CBD FECO is mixed with organic olive oil so it's pure & simple. Happy Dog Cannameds has a shelf life of 1 year. I recommend one dose per day when using as a supplement taking care of arthritis or anxiety related issues for your dog. If you will be addressing tumors and cancers then we suggest that you give two doses a day. Because your dog is as individual as you, you will need to pay attention and see if they need more or less, relying on your experience of your animal to know exactly how much they need a day.

Please remember you can always schedule an appointment with Robin Swan to further look at what kind of dosing is better for your animal.

If you would like to schedule an appointment CLICK HERE.

As always, thank you for trusting me with what you love the most. It is a great honor to serve you. 

Please read below for answers to frequently asked questions about Happy Dog Cannameds.

1. What is Happy Dog?

Happy dog is a CBD product created to help your dog with everything from anxiety to cancer and everything in between including the aging process.

2. What will it do for my dog?

It will bring the puppy out in your pooch. Adding life to your elderly pet is one way Happy Dog will benefit your animal. It can also lessen the need for pharmaceuticals for treating such issues as anxiety, arthritis, reducing tumors, and combating cancers.

3. How does it work?

All living mammals have an endocannabinoid system that exists and responds to endogenous cannabinoids produced by the human body. However, scientists have learned that the system will also recognize and respond to cannabinoids from external sources, including the phytocannabinoid cannabidiol. According to the National Institutes of Health, manipulating the endocannabinoid system by introducing external cannabinoids like CBD is very useful in treating a variety of medical ailments especially inflammation issues, anxiety and cancer related tumors.

4. Will my dog get high?

No, your dog will not experience a psychotropic response to the CBD FECO.

5. What's the difference between FECO and HEMP?

Let's start with explaining what FECO means.  FECO stands for "fully extracted cannabis oil" which means that the medicine is extracted from a cannabis plant. HEMP means just that ~ it was extracted from a hemp plant. Even though they are sister/brother plants they do not yield the same cannabinoids molecular structure.

Hemp is the workhorse. It is high in fiber, which is why it is great for things like rope, flue, housing materials and antioxidants. Cannabis is the medicine, it is the female flower yielding plant. The cannabinoid structure in the cannabis plant is higher because of its flowering properties. We elect to make our medicine out of cannabis because of this. Over the last few years our growers have cross pollinated the hemp plant with a cannabis plant and have created a high CBD yielding, low THC plant. This plant is proprietary to our parent company Firebird Touch Therapy. By using this hybrid we are able to get the highest CBD panel possible with the lowest amount of THC allowing the user to benefit by feeding their nerve system via the endocannabinoid system while not experiencing the "loopy" out of control feeling some mammals speak of.

6. Are there any side effects? The only side effects your fur baby might experience is being extremely relaxed or sleepy. If this occurs wait 12 hours before dosing again and give them less.

7. Can I give it to my cat ~ warthog, horse, or toad? Happy Dog Cannameds, though designed for your dog, can be given to all of your pets because it feeds the endocannabinoid system. Everything with a nerve system has an endocannabinoid system thus benefiting from CBD's. We encourage you to reach out to us regarding dosing as weight and breeds will vary. 8. Why choose Happy Dog Cannameds over other products on the market? Happy Dog is pure organic CBD FECO mixed only with organic olive oil. Our oil is created from the cannabis plant not the hemp plant, giving it a high cannabinoid yield; naturally producing a better product.

Another thing Happy Dog brings to the mix is our 20 plus years of experience treating human beings. It is because our two legged clients began treating their four legged loved ones with our oils that we decided to create a premixed, preloaded line for dogs. We wanted to take the guesswork out of it for you. There are no fillers or additives or other ingredients in our products. You can easily mix it with your dog's food or just shoot it into their mouths or on the gumline. No need to worry about if they'll eat the biscuit or treat.

9. Is CBD oil bad for dogs? THC may be harmful for pets, and it may also cause psychoactive effects. No study has ever reported CBD is harmful to pets, but rather it is beneficial in many ways. Not all, but most, of the edible canine cannabis treats are virtually THC-free, completely non-psychoactive and non-toxic to pets. *May 23, 2016

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