How Happy Dog Came to Be...

Happy dog was birthed out of the love of our dog named Diamond, a true warrior rescued from the street and a lover from the start. All she wanted was to be petted and snacks. One day in 2015, Diamond jumped out of the back of a truck and severely hurt her pelvis, I didn’t think she’d walk again. I went to my lab where I make our medicines and started mixing CBD concentrates I was making for people. I experimented with different carrier oils trying to get the correct dosage for a dog. Once I figured it out and gave her the oil, she not only walked again, she rolled over, chased birds and did all things dogs love to do.

Diamond, like most dogs hated fireworks. I was so pleased to find out the mixture also worked to soothe her anxiety during the 4th of July and every other day that loud noises or lots of activity was present in our home.  Diamond lived to be 15 years old before her earthly adventure ended this last winter. She is the reason why I created this line for pets. She is my daily inspiration to insure that YOUR Diamond lives for as long as possible with the highest quality of life. This month we launched our CBD tincture to assist you and your furry friend with that goal. A happy dog is a loved dog!

Why a Tincture & What is it Good For? 

We wanted to provide you as much ease of use as possible. The tincture format is easy to transport and simple to administer to your dog. Happy Dog wants to provide you something that will address the everyday, overall health of your dog at a price point you can afford. Our tincture is designed to keep your dogs joints flexible by reducing inflammation and helping to keep anxiety levels in check no matter if it’s a firework display or just being left alone experiencing separation anxiety. The tincture will also keep the auto immune system strong by feeding the central nervous system. Finally it will aid your companion in being anxiety free by creating an overall sense of relaxation.

What is it Made Of?

When creating our Happy Dog Cannameds tincture, we went to the roots of who we are at Firebird Touch Therapy and chose an organic base that is alcohol free and supports other systems for your pet. Our 1 oz tinctures are 630 milligrams of full plant organic high cbd cannabis FECO suspended in avocado oil. Why Avocado oil? Avocado oil is higher in healthy fats helping the entire system. For more information about avocado oil, Click Here.

Will it Hurt My Dog?

It’s highly unlikely to do any damage to your beloved pet. Even if you gave your dog too much, the worst experience the dog would have would be vomiting and sleeping. There are no toxic effects from using any of the ingredients in Happy Dog Cannameds Tincture. 

How Do I Know How Much to Dose?

A metered dosing dropper is included in the bottle. On the label you can find the correct dose for your pet by weight. Remember these are suggested dosing guidelines. Your individual pets needs and results may vary. *Be sure to consult with your vet before using if you have any concern regarding the condition of your pet. How Long will One Bottle Last For? From 1 week to 1 month, depending on the size of your dog and it’s weight.

Should I Use Tinctures or Syringes?

The tincture is designed for the everyday overall health of your dog, especially if your dog is suffering from arthritis or anxiety issues. Used daily, the tincture will help restore and maintain the nerve system. The syringes are concentrated doses designed more for life-threatening illness such as cancers. You do not need to use them together. One or the other is perfect depending on what you are addressing. 

Prepare Your Dog for July 4th Fireworks!

As summer moves forward with festivities abound, make sure you’ve got a bottle of our Happy Dog Tincture on hand to sooth your pooch during fireworks; large family BBQ's and the overall outdoor excitement that ensues with our summer season. No more worrying about how to shelter your pet from the noise, just enjoy the time together.

Purchase by June 28th to have your Tincture by July 4th

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Thank you so much for loving our Happy Dog line the same way we do! Our pets are family members we need to love and care for just like they love and care for us. Respectfully, Robin Swan and The Firebird Crew

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