Fresh from the Farm

I just got back from my Uncle Tom's farm. Him and his partner Gilbert have been cultivating

in the Sera Nevada mountains for over 40 years. I am so grateful that we are able to offer you such high quality flower from these amazing farmers, and they knocked it out of the park thiss blessing us with the strains Sour Diesel, Swiss Cheese, and Aurora. Each of these strains

are fantastic and address many issues beyond enjoyment. Please remember when you order you will only have the choice of India or Sativa ~ what you get is what is available at your time of ordering. The flower we offer is the same flower we make our concentrates with, it is only because we love you and want you to have access to medical grade flower that we offer it at all.

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Ever wonder how long we've been enjoying cannabis as medicine ?

We are old school and hand trim to ensure all the trichomes stay in tack giving us a better yield in cannabinoids from the leafiest trim to the biggest bud. 

Something that makes our outdoor flower a little more flowery - each crop is started from seed with a new mother for each strain. Once these ladies grow up they will be cloned and planted. Next years crop growing up.

Sour Diesel is an all time favorite amongst many people, and this strain of Sour Diesel does not disappoint. Uplifting, euphoric, energized, and a creative sativa dominant body high is what you’ll experience. Just a reminder, however, to take your time with this strain. While this strain does not support anxiety or paranoia, it will put you to sleep if you overindulge. If you have reached the point where you are feeling relief from your ailment but cannot stand without swaying, we recommend you take a small break.

Aurora is a 90% indica cross between Afghan and Northern Lights. Two very heavy indicas. This strain promotes sleep, cerebral calmness, and a heavy body and head high. It is also great for pain. Keep a glass of water near you as this strain does not promote anxiety or paranoia, but instead a very serious case of dry mouth.

Swiss Cheese is an indica dominant strain that might be new to some of you. This strain is fast hitting with relaxation, euphoria, increased appetite, and body numbing effects. Remember, this strain is very high in THC and can increase anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness if you are sensitive to THC. One or two hits is all you need and don’t be alarmed if you find yourself in the same position on the couch for a number of hours.

When ordering flower on our website make sure to click on an editable link to get to the correct form.

We'd like to clear up a few questions and comments regarding our packaging for both flower and FECO's .

We package our flower in metal cylinder containers with a silica bead package in the container; this is meant to keep your flower fresh and the smell while traveling though many temperature changes to a minimum. Sometimes, the flower might become a little dry and/or brittle because of the moisture control package. Do not panic, the silica beads did their job keeping the flower mold free. If you receive dry product, simply put a small piece of lettuce in the container and let it sit for an hour or two. By then, it should be dense and moist again. Please remember scale calibration is different for each scale. If your product weight is severely off, please contact us and we will address the issue.

A while ago we changed the way we ship the concentrates to insure it would safely arrive to you. We would like to remind you to please open the cylinder container, your oil is in there. We can pack up to 3 grams in each cylinder. Don’t be alarmed that we haven't sent your order correctly before opening the packaging, we promise your product is in there all safe and secure.

If you are also experiencing air bubbles in syringes, do not fret. There is not much we can do concerning this. As the product travels though many different temperatures it gets solid and then liquifies. This action moves the product around in the syringe which in turn moves the bubbles We can guarantee that we have correctly weighed the oil to the best of our scales ability and we encourage all customers to weigh the products they receive. Please remember though that all scales calibrate differently. If there are great difference in weights please let us know. We are happy to take responsibility for our products.

If you haven't joined our survey we would like to invite you to do so. The more feed back you can give us the better we can serve others.

Firebird Touch Therapy wouldn’t be here without our wonderful clients and we are always grateful for your feedback and word of mouth. Thank you for being part of our family.

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