Flower Update

Flavors of the day ~ Indica Dominate Sunset sherbet - Nightmare Cookies for a great body high and brain darting effect. Family Secret (and it's just that a family secret) genetic strain crossed with Nightmare Cookies Sativa Dominate : Green Crack and my personal favorite Kite Lightening another property strain from our family farmers at #TrinityRoots.

All are excellent organic strains that are cracked with a prayer and grown for you as medicine. We can not promise you when you order which one we will have available. Even if you request the strain ~ doesn't mean we can honor it. We can promise you it will fantastic. Please understand this. The flower we provide is the flower we make our medicine from the supply of it is ever changing. We will keep you updated when switching strains to insure when you get your product you know what you have and how best to use it. We offer it to you as medicine. Please use it in the best way possible to insure your longevity and enjoyment. Lots of love and green lights~ The Firebird Family

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