Firebird Touch Therapy Introduces Super Sonic Nerve Tonics

Updated: May 14, 2019

At Firebird Touch Therapy we have a wide selection of treatment options for people of all kind and the ailments they might have. Ranging from flower products to our concentrates, treatments of all kind are available. However, whenever someone mentions tinctures, there seems to be an emptiness to the answer of what they are and how they work. We would like to fill that void and introduce you to the world of tinctures and how they can benefit you.

Tinctures date back as far as distilled alcohol. Ancient Egyptians soaked herbs in alcohol to create tinctures and cordials (tinctures made with lower alcohol content). In 1025, The Al-Qanoon fi al Tibb (The Canon of Medicine) was published, explaining many medical topics including tinctures. It was the basis for the teaching of medicine in the West from the 12th-17th centuries, making these discoveries of the medicinal uses of distilled alcohol ingrained in Western medicine.

Tinctures are liquid extracts made from herbs that you take orally. They are usually extracted in alcohol, but they can also be extracted in non alcohol substances such as vegetable glycerine or apple cider vinegar. Tinctures are easy and convenient to use as they are dosed out in smaller quantities and are taken directly under the tongue, meaning that they enter the bloodstream quicker.

A few years ago I was asked to compound tinctures for Firebird Touch Therapy by one of the nurses that we work with. She brought to my attention that dosing with the tinctures for everyday use is a lot easier for elderly people and those who did not have such intense issues as cancer or debilitating pain. I agreed with her, it is easier to put a couple drops of something under your tongue a few times a day then figure out how many milligrams are in a concentrate coming out of a syringe.

I thought about it for quite some time, I investigated what the Cannabis industry was doing with the tinctures they were marketing and I was not impressed. I noticed a lot of the same thing. I wanted to produce an amazing product, one that was steeped in my roots. I’ve been playing around in my lab with different formulas mixing essential oils and concentrates. A lot of prayer, trial and error were involved and finally the alchemy took and the 4 tincture blends were locked in. Labs confirmed my math and here we are, the birth of Firebird Touch Therapy's Super Sonic Nerve Tonics.

I wanted to create a blend that would address everyday issues for everyday people. I wanted it to be water-soluble, something new to the Cannabis industry. When you put something in your saliva and its water soluble it immediately breaks the blood-brain barrier and is bio available for your body instantaneously. This is what makes tinctures powerful, this is what makes them work. This is what's missing in the Cannabis industry with most of the available brands on the market. This was the big problem that Firebird Touch Therapy wanted to address.

I'm pleased to say that I was successful and hit all of the benchmarks I had set for the products.  Our Super Sonic Nerve Tonics are water soluble, suspended in an organic hemp oil, fortified with essential oils, terpenes and powerfully locked in with our organic FECO concentrates. I'm confident that the Super Sonic Nerve Tonic Tinctures will add Health, Wellness, and Beauty to your life.

Each bottle is 30 cc's with over 600 mg of concentrate suspended in an organic hemp oil. They come with a graduated dropper so there's no guesstimating on how much product you're actually taking. Because tinctures work best micro dosing throughout the day it's not a one-time and you're done type of medicine; with the tincture it's two to three or four times a day. This is a wonderful way to also ramp up into the FECO oils. The blends are:

THC~ For fight cancers as a way to ramp up to using the FECO concentrate. Low doses of Thc are wonderful for sleeping and extreme pain.

CBD ~ For mood and overall nerve health. The perfect choice for children with neurological issues and or emotional challenges. CBD is wonderful for reducing inflammation in the cell as well as reducing tumors and aiding in the fight against cancers.

1 to 1 (CBD/THC) ~ For chronic pain, dosing down from opiates, agitation, chronic nerve issues.

4 to 1 (CBD/THC)~ This is a great blend for people who need just a little THC to cut the edge and all the CBD to help restructure the nervous system and reduce inflammation. With just a little THC you're completely able to drive and do all the things you need to do in your day; it is very mild.

Our Super Sonic Nerve Tonics are finally available! Order now and begin the healing benefits and ease of use . If you have any questions on how to use them or which one is best for you; book a free 15 minute consultation with Robin Swan.

Because we are growing so much and so fast due to you~ Thank you!! We have not yet been able to integrate all of our great products under one domain. Please forgive the inconvenience, we are working on it daily!! Until then you are still able to get all of your favorites at FIREBIRD TOUCH THERAPY STORE ~ just not the SUPERSONIC NERVE TONICS..... please be patience with us as we grow .

I hope you enjoy using these as much as I have enjoyed creating them for you. Lots of love and green lights. Robin Swan and FBTT crew

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