Our Story


"Between 2005 and 2007 nine of my family members died from various forms of cancer. Throughout my career I had worked with and buried to many friends,  family and clients  who had suffered and lost the battle with cancer. As a holistic health practitioner who has spent a lifetime learning about alternative forms of healing I was at a loss as to what to do. I had been raised in the cannabis industry and I was well aware of all of the medicinal components of the plant for things like glaucoma and depression and nausea. My grandmothers and aunties had been making tincture and balms with the plant materials for my entire life.  I had continued these traditions and always offered the tinctures and balms to my clients. But they weren’t enough. It helped ease the pain but not the suffering and death.

At my mother’s  funeral one of my cousins asked me if I had heard of a man named Rick Simpson in Canada. He was extracting the plant in a way that had not been done since 4000 b.c..  I had not and I immediately set about to find out everything I could about this man and his extraction process. This lead to many conversations via email with Rick and watching parts of  the film Run from the Cure hundreds of times. I was hungry for something to bring back to my world that would actually change the direction and course of this hanais disease.  Rick’s methodology offered me a new direction. A way of processing the plant that kept the molecular structure in tack. I learned we all had something called the endocannabinoid system in our body that was interlocking with our brain and that by ingesting the plant this way it activated that system and repaired not only the mylene sheath of the nerve; the THC actually ate the tumors! This seemed miraculous! What if it was true?! What if it worked?!

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A truth about human beings is we will do whatever is necessary to help and prolong the life of someone we love. We will travel to the end of earth, spend our last dollar on magic beans if we believe it will heal our beloved. There is no risk too great to take if it means we will get  just one more day with whomever we love. Being filled with compassion for this processes my partner and I decided it was time to do our part. We took our love of the plant and all our years as herbalist and growers and we  began creating  the most powerful example of what Rick Simpson was sharing and what has been recorded truth all the way back to the  ancient Sarmatians; repeating itself over and over again throughout history on every continent and in most cultures. We made cannabis concentrate and start to share it. 

The first batch went to a client who had been living with breast cancer for 12 years. She had kept it bay with many different forms of chemo, radiation, diet  and whatever else medicinal and herbal science had to offer . She was hopeful but not convinced but medical science had given up on her and she was sent home to live out whatever time she had left. After using the oil for just a few months the cancer had completely rescinded. The tumors were gone. Her doctors were amazed and she was for the first time in over a decade pronounced cancer free! We knew we were on to the truth and continued feeding it to my clients. No one knew of this remedy at the time and learning curve was great! Hours were spent educating that yes, this was “pot” however it wasn’t a drug for deadbeat losers who live in their parents basements, it was a remedy that was over 6000 years old. 


Because of the legality of it people were somewhat unresponsive to it. This was more than frustrating for me. Here I was offering this amazing form of medicine. Using the oldest most versatile plant on the planet and because of Cheech and Chong and the law~ people were afraid to use it.  The one’s who took the risk, did amazing! After much soul searching I decided it was time to share our experiences with  the populous of the world. It wasn’t important to me that it might land me in jail. Rick had paved the way and many warriors had gone down in this battle to save lives. The good of many outweighed  the good of the one.  I decided that the best avenue for this was facebook. I would take the risk and share my stories with the world using the fast vehicle I knew available. Social media.  Within hours of me posting pictures of my clients and their success stories I was getting thousands of hits! In boxes were pouring in! I was amazed and encouraged by my attorney to stop doing it! 

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Stopping wasn’t an option. So many people were at their wits end.  My partner and I decided to donate a few lbs of plant material and we set about sending out free samples to anyone who inquired. The response was astronomical!  There is no shortage of people who will go to the end of the earth to find a thread of hope for someone they love. The open hearted response from the world was humbling and overwhelming. The responsibility became immense. The need for it to be truth was undeniable. We the people wanted to return to what was growing naturally on our planet and for all of recorded mankind has been used for food, shelter, clothing and medicine. The most sacred planet on the plant was reawakening. 

Over the last 14 years it has been humbling, enlightening and oh so very powerful to witness the five finger healer resurfacing and taking her spot front and center as one of the most medicinal plants available to us on our planet. Firebird Touch Therapy continues to evolve as we learn how to make the best cannabinoid medicine available. Daily we are humbled and grateful by your contribution to our business. It is your stories of healing that keep us coming back to work. Firebird Touch Therapy is committed to the regeneration of the spirit of humanity. We hope to provide a location where you can get what you need to heal yourself in all aspects, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically."

Respectfully, Robin Swan
Creator and Lead Alchemist