Sometimes the best way to treat an illness or an issue is with the cannabis flower. Smoking cannabis will reduce nausea and increase appetite better than any concentrates, edibles, candies or tinctures. Sometimes the best way to address chemo is with cannabis by smoking or vaping it. Firebird touch therapy is very pleased to offer raw organic outdoor grown flower to those of you who will benefit from its anti nausea, relaxing, sleep improving, mood altering medicine. The flower we are offering is what we make our medicines from, you are now able to purchase your own raw flower to make your own medicine.

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We offer two different strains that will change all the time. As our growers crops change so will our strains. There are two offerings for you . Our mood lifting, energizing SATIVA dominant strains come  from the families of OG’s, Jack Carreras and Lemon/Orange diesels. Looking to relax, sleep peacefully, treat mild pain. Get “couch locked” ~ Our INDICA dominate strains are from from the families of Afghan Kush, Purple kush and MK13 strains.

All of our flowers are hybrids, either indica or sativa dominant. Please do not ask for a specific strain. We will let you know what we are trending. As we are not a dispensary specializing in raw cannabis we offer these two particular families of cannabis  to assist you in healing yourself the best way possible and or making your own medicine.