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Take your health into your own hands by learning how to create your own FECO concentrate and harness the incredible power of this medicine in this incredible opportunity.



Friday, March 20

Enjoy a meet and greet session

Introduction to the weekend from Robin and a Lecture on cannabis, cannabinoids the endocannabinoid system and cannabis as medicine from Elisabeth Mack. Enjoy non -alcoholic beverages and hor d'oeuvres as you soak up her extensive knowledge.


Saturday, March 21

Light breakfast

Get your supplies for the workshop - 226 grams of plant and alcohol and all the tools needed to learn the beginning level of extraction just like the Ming dynasty did.

Enjoy a hands-on lesson of how to extract

Lecture from Cameron on the important of labs,

How to infuse into butter and oils

Enjoy lunch provided

More extraction information from Richard

Infused dinner from Chef Vito and music and enjoyment


Sunday, March 22

Morning yoga and meditation circle

Light breakfast

Finish extraction

Q&A session

Certification ceremony


In this experience, you will gain:

  • First level of alcohol extraction to make medicine for yourself and your loved ones

  • Lessons on cannabis as medicine so you can better understand how this amazing plant works in your body and life

  • How to infuse into foods

  • How and why labs are important

  • All materials needed to create your own FECO oil

  • Your own creation

  • Hands on, step-by-step learning

  • Hor d'oeuvres provided on Friday

  • All meals on Saturday provided

  • Light breakfast Sunday

  • Fully infused professional created meal from Chef Vito Saturday night

  • Yoga and meditation session Sunday morning

  • Once in a lifetime learning experience

Interested in joining? Snag a spot via Eventbrite below and we will reach out to you with more information on the event and how to reserve your space, or email