FECO Concentrates

Fully Extracted Cannabis Oil are the core of our medicines. These are cancer combating concentrates. They are mixed with nothing. Pure cannabinoids no carriers. You can use them orally, make them into suppositories as well as vape them.  FECO are used when the situation is serious like cancer or chronic debilitating pain. A little goes a long away as they are concentrated.
Dosing Protocol for Priority Blend (T).


Why would I use  suppository? Suppositories are instrumental in being able to get a lot of medicine into your body and still be able to function. By going in the colon the absorption is slower than through the saliva. This allows you to use 150 to 300mg and upwards per dose, and still be able to function. Used in conjunction with a nightly oral dose we have seen this be effective for many who are in a difficult battle with disease. When FBTT is compounding the suppositories they are water soluble  and mixed with olive oil so the colon wall can easily absorb the medicine.